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How To Record Tours For Autopilot Presentation

In this article, we will be talking about how to create an Autopilot presentation in the VideoTours360 software.

This amazing feature helps you show tour visitors exactly what you want them to see without them touching or navigating by themselves.

To create the Autopilot presentation, we make use of the Record button which is located at the bottom of the project dashboard.

When you click on the Record button, a timeline appears on the screen.

Drag the player head to the particular timeframe you want the scene to play. You can now move your scene the way you want it to play while it records automatically. 

You can click on the Play button to replay what you have recorded.

When you’re satisfied with your recording, click on Save

Click on Preview to see how it looks when someone visits your tour. Once you’re in, a player appears at the bottom left of the scene. The presentation can be paused and you can move the scene in the direction you want it to be. 

Updated on August 21, 2021

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