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Client Accounts, Custom Domain & Unbranded Client Area

In this article, we’ll be covering how to create and manage client accounts, how to assign a tour to a client, how to set up a custom domain and finally how to set up your own custom client area dashboard.

First, I’ll do a quick definition of terms so we get on the same page.

Definition of Terms

Client Account: a client account works much the same way as your regular VideoTours360 user account. The only difference is that it comes with limited features, unlike a regular user account. 

One of such limitations is that you cannot create a new tour(or project) from a client account. This is so because, as a regular VideoTours360 user, the client account feature helps you give a level of preview/review access to your clients. So, they get to edit and manage only the tours and projects you assign to them. This is a super cool feature for anyone running an agency.

Custom Domain: a custom domain is your own agency/company domain pointed to app.videotours360.com, so that, you and your clients can share, view and engage with tours using your own(or your client’s) custom URL.

So instead of your tour share links(and embed code) coming as an extension of the app.videotours360.com domain, it comes in your own personal/agency URL. This is a super cool feature for VR agency operators as it gives a level of professionalism and anonymity to the tool being used.

Click here to view an article on how to set up a custom domain.

PS. It’s a PRO feature and may not be available on every account.

Unbranded Client Area: This is one of the latest updates on VideoTours360 and it was pushed live based on customer request.

We know that as a VideoTours360 user who is operating an agency, keeping the anonymity of the tool being used is strategic for your business success. So we created this feature(Unbranded client area) which allows you to maintain complete anonymity even when you create client access for your customers, their tour’s share link will no longer carry the VideoTours360 branding and they get to log into their client account from a custom dashboard.

It works alongside the custom domain feature and is accessible only by PRO-level users.

Simply set up a custom domain, and when you create a client account for your users, they’ll be able to log in from the custom URL(domain).

PS. Please do not mistake this for full Unbranded, as only client accounts(and not full user accounts) can log in via your custom URL.

How To Create a Client Account

Step 1: From your dashboard, click on Team.

Step 2: Click on Create Client.

Step 3: Fill this account creation form with your client’s details(name and email), enter a password and hit Create.

Congratulations! You have successfully created client access to VideoTours360 for your client/prospect.

To manage the account, click on Actions, you’ll see a pop-up menu that gives you the option to update the account’s password, edit the account itself or simply remove(delete).

PS. You can now forward login credentials to your client. The login URL will be https://app.videotours360.com/client/login for those with a basic VideoTours360 account OR your custom URL for PRO-Level users who have set up their custom domain.

If you are a PRO-Level user, you’ll need to set up a custom domain, otherwise, the login URL for your clients will remain as https://app.videotours360.com/client/login

How To Assign a Tour/Project to a Client Account

Step 1: From your dashboard, click on the edit icon on the tour of choice.

Step 2: On the bottom menu options, click on Settings. Then on Teams, next is to enable the Share and run tours with your team members option by simply toggling it on.

Step 3: At this point, you’ll find a list of all your client accounts, so simply check the one you want to share this particular tour with and hit the save button. Take note, you can share a tour with more than one client.

So, once the client logs in, he/she will be able to manage the tour you’ve assigned.

PS. The client account feature becomes very useful when your clients need to log into a tour as an admin so they can host a video call/chat.

How To Setup An Unbranded Client Area

Step 1: First set up a custom domain, click here to learn how.

Step 2: Create a client account and assign a tour to the client’s account. Follow the steps above.

Step 3: Once your custom domain is fully propagated, your clients can now log into the accounts via: https://yourcustomdomain.com/client/login/


Updated on August 10, 2021

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