• How to Manage Hotspot Options

    In this article, we’ll go over how to set up both Icons & Labels and how to duplicate hotspots Let’s begin with setting up icons and labels Login to Videotours360, create a project and drag any hotspot of your choice into the project Make sure you click on the Save…

  • How to Change/Modify the Accent Colour of Each Tour

    To change the accent color of your tour: Login to Videotours360, create a tour and drag a hotspot into the tour In the 2nd screenshot below, you’ll notice that the accent color has completely been changed After changing the colors make sure to click on the SAVE button

  • Language Update

    Login to Videotours360 Go to the top Menus, We currently have 6 languages in Videotours360. And we are working on adding more, if your language has not been included please kindly be patient  

  • How to Book a Live Chat

    To book a live chat, login to the Videotours360 app and go to any of your tours. Click on Live Chat     Let’s begin with Live Chat Execution, if you want to start a chat right away   Let’s now Schedule a Live Chat That’s all for Live Chat…

  • How to Add a Custom Domain

    To add a custom domain to Videotour360 app, follow these steps below: Login to your Cpanel account, Scroll down to locate Domains and click on zone editor If you have more than one domain, just click on the “MANAGE” in front of that particular domain you want to point to…

  • How To change Your Password

    Step one: From Your dashboard to the right top, click on the Image Icon => from the dropdown menu kindly select Change password. Enter Your new Password and confirm new password and hit the update button

  • How To Create 360 Images

    Hey there, Welcome To this video Tutorial where I will be showing You how You can create a 360-degree image using Your smartphone in just a few steps. Whether it is an android or IOS phone, this hack got You covered. Alright, let’s jump in… We’ll be making use of…

  • How To Install Your Agency Website

      PS: Kindly use the Details below to Login To Your Agency Site Agency Website Login Credentials Username: agency Password: 11m1$`5n^`+#