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How to use gamification to incentivize engagement in your tour


Using Gamification is a great way to incentivize Your users, Psychology has proven that everyone is happy when they win or unlock something.
VideoTours360  Provides You with this amazing reward and gamification feature that You can use to increase conversion for Your users.
You can create coupons and do giveaways with the Gamification Feature.

To get started with this Feature, Drag and Drop the Reward Icon to a Specific Scene or object in Your Tour:

Next, You edit the reward; add the:-

  • Label: Add a Label for Your reward
  • Reward Name: Add a Title for Your reward
  • Reward Description: Enter a description for Your reward
  • Reward Image: choose an image for Your reward,
  • Reward Type: Pick the reward type you want to use, we have a couple of options, like, URL, DOWNLOAD FILE, SINGLE, AND MULTI COUPON; once You pick a reward type the settings for the reward type You selected will be displayed for you.
  • Number of Hotspots Opens Required To Qualify: Here You set the number of hotspots a user will click to gain access to the reward You are giving. To make this more elaborate once You choose 3, and a user clicks on 3 hotspots; the user will automatically see the reward you just set.
  • Button Text: You get to edit the call to action button for Your reward, e.g, get access now, download now, click here to claim, e.t.c.

Once You are done hit the Save button and the Gamification will be added to Your Tour

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Updated on May 3, 2021

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