How to add hotspots to your tour


A hotspot is used to enable users to share more details about a specific scene or object in a Tour.
It is also an amazing way to increase conversion or draw a user’s attention to a Scene or object…
You can add hotspots to Your virtual Tour using Video Tours 360 with few clicks…
Let’s get started…

First, You need to create a Project and Upload Your 360 Image (s) to the Video Tours 360 dashboard: From Your Dashboard Click the Create button to the right top or use the Plus Icon on the Left hand of the screen as displayed in the image below;

Enter Your Tour Name and Upload Your 360 Image then click Continue:

Once You have Successfully added Your image, to the left-hand menu of Your dashboard we have a couple of hotspots Features/Icons You can add, by simply dragging and dropping them on the exact scene or object You want them to represent.
These Hotspot Features include:-

  • info: This hotspot feature allows You to add a piece of additional information to Your Tour, You can add a Description to a specific object or scene using the Info Hotspot Icon/Feature
  • Link URL: This hotspot feature allows You to add an External Link to your Tour, this feature is very good for driving traffic to a specific URL or Landing Page.
  • Reward: This hotspot feature allows You to add ramifications and rewards to Your store, You can set this amazing feature to incite Your users to win a gift, buy at a discount, and much more.
  • Product: With the Product Hotspot Feature You can set up a Live E-Com Store in Your Tour, by simply converting a particular object or scene into a  product in your Tour for Your users to buy from you and make payment.
    You can enable payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Paystack and You can even add an external URL to the Products Check out Page.
  • File: This Feature enables You to add a downloadable File to Your Tour.
  • Contact: Having Your users send feedback or contact You is a great way to maintain a healthy client relationship, with the Contact Hotspot Feature, You can customize the description to the contact form and add a contact form to Your tour. This way Your Prospects or Clients will always have a way of reaching out to You
  • Video: Videos no doubt are a proven way to increase conversion and also explain a product or service better. This Hotspot Icon/Feature enables You to embed videos from Youtube, Wista, Vimeo, and even a Direct Video URL to Your Tour.
  • Image: This Hotspot Feature allows you to add an Image to a Specific Scene or Object in Your Tour
  • Audio: This Hotspot Feature enables you to add Audio to Your Tour, so once a user clicks they get to listen to the audio, this audio might be a soundtrack, song, voice note, or even an Audiobook.
  • Goto: The Goto Hotspot Icon/Feature is used to connect scenes to one another, with one click you can connect scenes to each other.
  • HTML: With the HTML embed You can embed an HTML code to Your tour, this way You get to add an extra feature to Your Tour

Every of the Hotspot Feature is customizable including the Hotspot Icon, size, and color.

Settings for each Hotspot feature differs per hotspot
To customize the hotspot and settings for each feature kindly look to the right-hand menu of the hotspot as shown in the screenshot below

Once You have added the Hotspot You want to use and edited them accordingly, just go ahead and save the Tour, by clicking on the save button and Your progress will be automatically be saved to Your tour.

You can exit and share Your Tour or follow the next article to see;

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Updated on May 3, 2021

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