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How To Integrate an Auto Responder to VideoTours360


With VideoTours 360 You can instantly connect Your autoresponder with a Tour, this is a good way to increase your audience and grow Your list.

To get this done; click on Integrations from Your dashboard and select the Auto-responder you want to integrate Your Tour with.

There are different integration requirements for different Auto-responder. for Active Campaign, You will need an API URL and Key from Active Campaign,  follow the steps below, To get the API URL and Key from Your Active Campaign Account:- 

  • From Your Active Campaign account click on settings
  • Next Click ok Developer, when the new screen loads up You will see access to the API URL and Key.

Copy and Paste the API URL and Key, and hit the connect button, then select the List You want Your leads to be added to and hit the Save button

Once You hit the save button Your Autoresponder will automatically be integrated with Video Tours 360.


Updated on May 3, 2021

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